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Blackbaud has been helping not for profits worldwide to improve their fundraising outcomes whilst streamlining processes through technology and services for over 30 years. As the leading provider of fundraising software in the Asia Pacific region, Blackbaud Pacific is excited to be the regional provider of Efforts to Outcomes (ETOTM), a solution which allows organisations to measure the real impact of their work and connect effective performance management with fundraising success.

Collective Impact Australia

In an effort to start filling this gap for communities we have been searching for providers and products. The best one  we have found to date is Efforts to Outcomes.
Dawn O'Neil and Kerry Graham

Promise Neighborhoods Institute

ETO software will provide a crucial piece of infrastructure to burgeoning Promise Neighborhoods, as well as help us communicate the results of Promise Neighborhood efforts to a larger audience in order to advocate for more comprehensive community change efforts. This is the system we need to help Promise Neighborhoods be more than a federal initiative..
Michael McAfee, Director

ETO empowers Collective Impact initiatives by transforming data into intelligence, good intent into measurable change, and coordinated service delivery into true collaboration.

Multi-agency, client-centered service models and collective impact initiatives require systems designed not only to measure community-level impact and manage partner providers, but also to allow the direct service providers themselves access to their own data in order to measure and improve their performance internally.

As different public and public/private funding streams continue to target overlapping populations-whether with disparate or collective reporting requirements-agencies will increasingly rely on de-identified, participant-level data collection and reporting software specifically built to support collaboration and interoperability.

ETO Collaborative is designed to help coordinate services delivery across multiple human services organisations and collective impact initiatives. It gives providers the tools to understand and adapt to changing service needs and volume within their communities, through a shared referral and participant information platform. By helping to bridge the gap between disparate services, programs and organisations, ETO Collaborative helps to dramatically improve an organisation’s effectiveness, efficiency and community centred collaboration.

Partnering with Social Solutions allows Blackbaud Pacific to deliver this industry leading software to the Asia/Pacific market from a local datacentre, with dedicated support provided during Australian business hours (AEST). 

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Supporting Collective Impact 

As a shared measurement system, ETO software supports the five elements of successful collective impact: 


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