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Get access to easy and flexible direct data importing into The Raiser's Edge with ImportOmatic.

ImportOmatic is an advanced importing plug-in that allows you to seamlessly import data from any other system, eliminating the need to manual enter data, the need to struggle through the standard import process, and the need to spend precious resources cleaning up your data once your import is complete. 

ImportOmatic will standardise and clean up your data with advanced duplicate checking. You can process supporter, address, gift, relationship, tribute, event, and membership records simultaneously onto existing supporter records or create new supporter records.


ImportOmatic Demo Video 

ImportOmatic can benefit you by:

  • Providing your organisation with an advanced and flexible import solution
  • Allowing you to better utilise internal resources
  • Eliminating manual processes and improve your data integrity

Key ImportOMatic features include the ability to:

  • Import data from banks, lockboxes, mail houses, prospect lists, web sites, and patient or alumni databases efficiently and accurately
  • Automate data clean up and standardisation
  • Process supporter, address, gift, relationship, volunteer, tribute, and event records simultaneously
  • Undertake advanced constituent matching and duplicate checking
  • Create unlimited custom templates to import from nearly any file layout
  • Import event participants and honour/memorial tribute gifts
  • Import gifts directly into gift batches
  • Merge/change duplicate records on the fly
  • Add or update addresses with the click of a button

Request more information below to learn more about how ImportOmatic can help your organisation today!


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