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Save time and money, spend more on your mission

Whether you’re a small not for profit just starting out, or an established organisation with many years of making a difference in the world, we have a fund accounting solution that is right for you. With our complete financial solution – The Financial Edge – your organisation can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on your mission!

Finance & Accounting at a Glance:

Maintain the highest level of accountability

Not for profits pledge to be faithful stewards of public funds; therefore, they have an obligation to continually
strive for excellence in financial management, which means ensuring compliance with complex
accounting regulations. As a not for profit organisation, you need proof — hard evidence — that your resources are being used to deliver on your mission.

With The Financial Edge, you can:

  • Share timely, accurate information with key stakeholders (such as internal management, funders and your board)
  • Ensure donated funds are accounted for and protected
  • Produce easy-to-understand, presentation-quality reports and analysis


Be PCI Compliant with Blackbaud Payment Services

You already know that it's extremely important to keep your constituents' information safe. It's an integral part of demonstrating good stewardship — not to mention, it shows that your organisation is trustworthy. But keeping information secure became even more important when the credit card industry established new security standards for processing credit card information. These standards are called Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, also referred to as "PCI DSS" or simply "PCI Compliance.".

The Blackbaud Payment Service enables you to comply with the PCI DSS and continue to seamlessly maintain
and process credit card transactions. It's an easy way to treat your constituents’ credit card information with the protection and security it requires and deserves.


The Big Picture

The Financial Edge is designed to meet one ultimate goal — to help you achieve the kind of growth you need to ensure a sound financial future. It guides your strategic planning and arms you with the knowledge needed to make the best decisions for your organisation. Strategic accounting is the key to your long-term security, and The Financial Edge is your vehicle.

With The Financial Edge, you can:

  • Forecast and budget with both internal and external reporting support and strong internal controls
  • Make smart financial decisions with up-to-the-minute snapshots of cash flow position, payments due, etc
  • Increase accountability and efficiency with instant, real-time details on program status
  • Instantly verify to donors how gifts are spent and determine how funds are divided among programs




Serving the nonprofit, charitable giving, and education communities for more than 30 years, Blackbaud (NASDAQ:BLKB) combines technology solutions and expertise to help organizations achieve their missions. Blackbaud works in over 60 countries to support more than 30,000 customers, including nonprofits, K–12 private and higher education institutions, healthcare organizations, foundations, and other charitable giving entities, and corporations.

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