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Overcome the challenge of Limited Resources

eTapestry Online Fundraising CRM

Grow Your Fundraising with eTapestry

eTapestry is an online fundraising database designed for growing not for profits!

eTapestry is an affordable and robust online fundraising solution for not-for-profits. You can reach new donors, members, supporters and volunteers with our easy-to-use, secure and inexpensive web-based fundraising database. Backed by the dependability and reliability of Blackbaud, the eTapestry cloud-based fundraising system helps your organisation raise and effectively manage funds so you can focus more on spreading your message and helping your charity grow!

Our cost-effective subscriptions have no upgrade fees, no backup fees and no high-cost maintenance fees. eTapestry is a cloud-based solution, so the only hardware you need is your laptop or mobile device.

Automated and Integrated Tools That Save You Time 

Spend less precious time worrying about technology and more time delivering your mission.

No more “digging” for information or guessing where it came from. Automated reports allow organisations to quickly see the state of their data with no manual work required. And because eTapestry is completely integrated with online tools, nonprofits can expand fundraising channels in a matter of minutes—information is automatically processed, collected and stored in one place.

“We <3 <3 <3 eTap! So easy to use & the eTapestry team are always very helpful!” — Shelly Ryan, Operations Manager, Street Swags

eTapestry Cloud Fundraising Database
eTapestry eMail Fundraising

Affordable Pricing That Saves You Money

Raise more money for your cause without spending a fortune on fundraising software.

Monthly, pay-as-you-go subscriptions mean no upgrade fees, no backup fees, no high cost maintenance fees; no upfront capital, grants or budgeting needed. No need to worry about IT costs, because eTapestry is hosted in the cloud nonprofits can avoid costly equipment upgrades for memory hard drive, storage & CPU speed.

“Rosies donations went up by 23% and our average gift size doubled in the first year that we used eTapestry.” — Vicki Keenan, Finance Manager, Rosies Youth Mission

Access and Security That Saves You From Hiring Additional Staff 

Serve more people every day, without having to hire extra staff.

We understand that not every nonprofit organisation has the resources to support an entire IT staff. That’s why Blackbaud houses and manages data for you in the cloud. We build, maintain, and integrate your complete fundraising system- providing everything you need to be successful without having to hire extra heads.

“eTapestry is easy to implement and operation and staff can get on and use it pretty much immediately” — Vivienne Shahin, Sponsorship Manager, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Australia

eTapestry Online Fundraising

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