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Maintenance FAQs

What are the benefits of participating in the maintenance program? What resources can I access?
Participating in the maintenance program entitles you to customer support assistance, online resources, new product versions and patches and user group meetings.

How do I find out when my maintenance term renews?
We send maintenance renewal notices to current maintenance customers 10 weeks before the renewal date. Please email if you are unsure of your renewal date or need more information.

I am budgeting for next year's maintenance. How can I anticipate the costs?
Email to request annual cost information.

What if I acquire additional Blackbaud products or add user licenses to my existing software?
If you purchase a new Blackbaud product or acquire additional licenses, we will pro-rate the applicable maintenance fee(s) for the remainder of your existing maintenance year. Your renewal notice for the next full maintenance year will include the total maintenance fee.

How can I adjust my maintenance plan?
Upgrade to a higher-level maintenance plan at any time by paying the difference in the maintenance fee, which will be pro-rated for the remainder of your maintenance year. You can reduce your maintenance plan only on your next maintenance renewal date. Maintenance fees are not refundable. For more information, email

How do I contact Support for assistance?
For non-critical issues, we recommend creating a case by selecting Case Central from the Support menu on our website. You can also call Support from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET Monday to Friday, excluding Australian public holidays.

How can I review my organisation's cases? What is the status of my Support case?
To access your organisation's recent support cases, select Case Central from the Support menu on our website. You can review case notes, add notes to open cases, check the status of a case, or request a closed case be reopened. Case Central maintains security by preventing access to other organisations' cases.

How can I reactivate my maintenance plan?
If your organisation owns the license to Blackbaud software, you can reactivate your maintenance plan by emailing for more information.

I am new to Blackbaud software. Where can I find information on getting started?
Visit Help and watch a short video about your online support resources for helpful information. You can also review your product's user guides by selecting Help, User Guides from the software's menu bar or by selecting How-to Documentation from the Support menu on our website.

How can I acquire the latest version of my Blackbaud software?
Download the latest version and patch by selecting Downloads from the Support menu on our website. Before purchasing new hardware and installing or upgrading third-party software, always review our system requirements, which are available by selecting System Requirements from our website's Resources menu.

Note:Other manufacturers may automatically distribute some service packs and updates to third-party software. Please do not update to service packs or operating systems until we have fully tested them with our software and listed them as supported versions in the system requirements or Knowledgebase.

Where can I find out about training?
For complete details and to register, select Training from the Services menu on this website.

How can I communicate with other organisations that use Blackbaud software?
Select Forums from the Support menu to share best practices and discuss creative uses of Blackbaud software directly with your peers in the not for profit community. You can  network with other Blackbaud customers by attending user group meetings. To learn more about upcoming user group meetings in your area, select user groups from the events menu.

What are Crystal Reports? How can I learn about Crystal Reports for Blackbaud?
We use Crystal Reports, a comprehensive report writer, to create all of the standard reports included with our software. You can use Crystal Reports to design custom reports tailored to your organisation's needs. Please email for more information.


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