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Custom Report Services

You’re part of a unique organisation with unique needs. We understand. That’s why we offer a wide range of custom report solutions. We’ve included Crystal Reports with our products so you can create your own reports. We can also help you design custom reports to meet your exact requirements. Regardless of your specific need, Blackbaud Pacific’s Custom Report Services can save you time and money and will deliver the highest quality reports available.

Scheduling and Budget Hurdles

Our custom report developers can supplement your staff on a single project or on an as-needed basis. If you have a larger project in the works, we can even dedicate one or more of our report writers to you for the duration of the project.



Remote Reports

Another option is to have us create your reports in our facilities and simply send you the report files for testing, acceptance, and deployment. It’s really that easy! We’ve helped our clients with custom options for all kinds of reports, directories, transcripts, report cards, membership cards and much more.



Do-It-Yourself Training

Perhaps you prefer to have someone at your organisation develop the reports? If so, we can work with your staff via a one-on-one remote session to educate and train them on how to convert your data into the perfect report for your organisation. We also have classroom facilities or we can even come to you.

To obtain a free, no obligation estimate, please contact us at +61 2 8918 1200 or We’ll go over your project with you in detail and gather any report examples you may have so the work can be completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Check out our sample custom reports and see for yourself.




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