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Data Hygiene

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On average, three million Australians move each calendar year. Of those three million, approximately 80 percent make their new contact details available in the marketplace.

Are you concerned about decreasing retention rates? Worried about poor response rates? Overwhelmed by large volumes of returned mail? Wondering if your marketing pieces are reaching their intended audiences?

The cost to acquire a new donor is expensive. Losing contact with your current donors is even more costly to your organisation. The cost of maintaining clean, standard, and up-to-date data should be part of your organisation’s routine business procedures.

Cleansing your data can have an immediate impact on your business by increasing retention and response rates, decreasing the volume of mail returned from post, and ensuring mail is reaching your organisation’s constituents.


Data Hygiene at a Glance:

Data Hygiene Phase One

A Blackbaud technical consultant will export your organisation’s data to ensure the proper data
elements and codes are exported.

A data hygiene report will then be generated to demonstrate the numbers of changes and data enhancements available for your data file.

Your organisation will have the opportunity to review the comprehensive report and decide which of the data changes and enhancements to purchase in phase two of the data hygiene project.


Data Hygiene Phase Two

A Blackbaud technical consultant will gather the following:

  • Access to a variety of data sources on behalf of your organisation
  • Access to address changes and data enhancements such as telephone numbers and behavioural or consumer data elements
  • Address standardisation, including data structure and Delivery Point Identiers (DPIDs) to gain postal discounts and to increase deliverability in the future

A Blackbaud technical consultant will import the data changes and data elements intoThe Raiser’s Edge® or Blackbaud CRM™.


Data Hygiene Services Include

  • Address cleansing and standardisation
  • Delivery Point Identifiers (DPIDs)
  • National Change of Address (NCOA)
  • Telephone appends
  • Data enhancements, including behavioural and consumer indicators to assist you with fundraising strategy



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