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Blackbaud Certification: If you know it, certify it.

How to Show Off Your Blackbaud Certification
in The Raiser’s Edge

As a not for profit professional, there are numerous benefits to getting Blackbaud Certified, like joining a community of professionals who are experts in The Raiser’s Edge and achieving credentials recognised as the industry standard.

You can also use your Blackbaud Certification in The Raiser’s Edge (bCRE) to validate your credentials, build your resume, and advance your career. When you pass your certification exam, you’ll receive a bCRE certificate and can begin using the bCRE professional designation. You will also receive an email from Blackbaud with a link to download the bCRE seal and icon to use on your business cards, resume, and social media pages.

The three levels of bCRE are further distinguished by the level of certification achieved, such as:

  • The Associated level of bCRE, recognised as bCRE
  • The Professional level of bCRE, recognised as bCRE-Pro
  • The Master level of bCRE, recognised as bCRE-Ma


Display your bCRE certificate in your office or work area with other degrees or professional certifications. If you’re seeking a new employment opportunity, hiring managers can verify your certification level by emailing

Getting Blackbaud Certified in The Raiser’s Edge is no small task. It’s a testament to your capabilities and commitment as a not for profit professional. So be proud and show off that bCRE!

Blackbaud Certified Seal

The Blackbaud Certificated seal indicates that you are certified in The Raiser’s Edge and at what level (Associate, Professional, or Master).

Ideas for using the seal:

  • Add to your personal website
  • Include on your resume
  • Add to your organisation’s website, but ONLY if it is clearly attributed to you personally, and not to the organisation as a whole

Blackbaud Certified Icon

The smaller Blackbaud Certification icon can be used to show that you are Blackbaud Certified when space is more limited.

Ideas for using the seal:

  • Add to your business card
  • Include in your email signature
  • Share on social media networks

Professional Designation

bCRE is the official professional designation for those Blackbaud Certified in The Raiser’s Edge. Professional designations should come after your name, offset by a comma. Note that the “b” is lowercase, followed by “CRE” in all caps. The Associate level is designated simply as bCRE, the Professional level is designated with a dash (-) and “Pro” added to the end, and the Master level is designated with a dash (-) and “Ma” added to the end.


  • Associate level – Sally Schultz, bCRE
  • Professional level – Sally Schultz, bCRE-Pro
  • Master level – Sally Schultz, bCRE-Ma

LinkedIn® Professional
Networking Services Group

Join our private LinkedIn® group for bCRE professionals, where you can connect with other certified users, share ideas or challenges, and problem solve.


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