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eTapestry: Fundamentals – Queries and Reports


Queries are an important tool that can be used in many processes throughout eTapestry. Learn what queries are and when to use a specific type of query. Through instructor-led scenarios, course discussions, and practice in the sample database, you will learn how to utilise the query tool to effectively create groups of records. You will also learn how to create personalised groups with query lists.

Since this course introduces foundational concepts in eTapestry, this course is designed for all users. Users with little to no experience will benefit from this course.


  • Define and know when to use the different types of Queries in eTapestry: System Defined, Basic, Compound, and Custom Account Queries
  • Define and explain each variable on the query set-up screen
  • How to use different Starting Criteria Queries or make an interdependent query
  • How to query on each User Defined Field Display Type: Single Select, Multi Select, Text, and Note
  • How Query Data Return Types impact Reports
  • Define and know when to use the three different types of Reports in eTapestry: Standard, Custom, and Relationship Reports

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