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The Financial Edge

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Fund Accounting Software for Not for Profits

Spending too much time creating reports? Managing grants? How about restricted funds?

The Financial Edge is the only accounting software out there that completely understands how not for profits work and adapts to your unique circumstances. With The Financial Edge, you’re choosing a not for profit fund accounting platform that comes with unparalleled expertise in reporting, grant management, restricted fund management, not for profit-specific workflows, and collaboration with the fundraising department.


The Financial Edge at a Glance:

Best reporting in the Market

When it comes to creating a report, do you feel like the wizard behind the curtain, spending hours in different systems conjuring up the data you need?

Why not step out from behind the curtain and spend more time doing what's critical? You can, with The Financial Edge. The fast, flexible reporting in The Financial Edge is simply unmatched by any other accounting software out there, and it can act as your own personal wizard behind the curtain.


Unmatched Grant Management

When your not for profit receives a grant, it's time to celebrate. But you know that once a grant is received, that's when the real work begins…so maybe you’re not celebrating as much as you'd like.

With The Financial Edge, you've got the best grant management solution on your side. It helps you manage grant activity using grant relevant dates, perform administrative tasks directly in the system so you don’t have to use external error-prone spreadsheets, and automate the indirect cost reimbursement calculation. All of this boils down to reduced time spent meeting grant reporting requirements. Now that's something you can really celebrate.


Best-in-class Restricted
Fund Management

Trust. Reputation. Dependability. All of these are what got your organisation where it is today. And if you risk donor trust through poor financial management, you risk dismantling the very foundation your organisation is built on. Handling grants and major gifts that are constrained by specific requirements, desires, or expected outcomes is where The Financial Edge shines.


Specific Workflow Designed Only for Not for Profits

Not for profit and for-profit accounting have as about as much in common as an egg and a golf ball. On the outside, they look alike; but once you scratch the surface, you find that they're very different. And trying to make a for-profit accounting system work for your not for profit is like using that golf ball to make scrambled eggs. The Financial Edge is built with your unique challenges in mind, from strict reporting and accountability requirements, to day-to-day budgeting, forecasting, spending, and reporting needs.


Integration with The Raiser's Edge

When your accounting software doesn't work hand-in-hand with your fundraising software, you might as well be playing on a sports team whose offense and defense aren't playing on the same field. The only way to create a winning scenario at your organisation is to make sure your development and finance staff are able to collaborate easily. Luckily, The Financial Edge works seamlessly with the world's best-known (and loved!) fundraising solution: The Raiser's Edge. Integration between these two platforms helps you provide a tight audit trail, maintain accuracy, and ensure effective stewardship of all donations.


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