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Heart Foundation

Mar 7, 2019, 19:42 PM
Jumping Rope and Kicking Goals with everydayhero
Organization Name : Heart Foundation
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Meta title : Heart Foundation
Meta description : Jumping Rope and Kicking Goals with everydayhero
Open graph title : Heart Foundation
Open graph description : Jumping Rope and Kicking Goals with everydayhero
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Quote organization : Heart Foundation
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The Heart Foundation’s Jump Rope for Heart campaign is Australia’s most popular school-based physical activity and fundraising program. Each year, more than 300,000 students participate from over 1500 schools, with funds pledged from more than 500,000 sponsors.
Prior to 2013, a decentralised program delivery meant the campaign was resource intensive, resulting in inconsistent servicing and fragmented communications across the program. Additionally, the Heart Foundation were battling rising costs and declining numbers in school registrations. As a result, the Heart Foundation undertook an internal review, resulting in the centralisation of the Jump Rope for Heart campaign delivery in 2014 and beyond with everydayhero as the fundraising platform provider.
The everydayhero team have shown themselves to be genuinely interested in seeing our program succeed, asking questions, seeking answers, fixing what is not working for us and looking for opportunities to extend our message. I’m very appreciative of their efforts and I am looking forward to working with them again."
Products :
  • Everydayhero
Regions :
  • Pacific
Verticals :
  • Nonprofits
Competencies :
  • Fundraising and Relationship Management
  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
heart-foundation Heart-Foundation-JRFH-Blackbaud customer-testimonial_jump-rope-for-heart

Use the power of social media analytics to reach more people.

Social influencers can bring tremendous attention to your campaigns, reach new audiences, and shape important conversations with their dedicated followers.

  • Identify your supporters who have large followings, post often, and generate activity on social media
  • Empower your supporters who are most active on social media to access your best content to drive awareness, signatures, RSVPs, or donations around your campaigns

Take immediate action.

By listening to what your audience is saying on social media, your organisation can understand which issues resonate with them and why.

  • Never miss an engagement opportunity by listening to what supporters are saying and sharing on social media in relationship with your program
  • Set up customised searches to track your supporters' interests and be alerted when they are talking about a topic related to your cause or organisation
  • Reply to key social mentions on Twitter®, Facebook®, or email through automated processes or individually

Send personalised messages at scale.

Get to know the social side of your audience so that you can segment your communications with social media analytics data and increase conversions.

  • Export social data back into your database, including social mentions, social handles, influence, and social network usage, among many others
  • Create highly segmented lists to target supporters with emails, tweets, and Facebook ads via Custom Audiences with real-time automation
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