Be a Silo-Buster: The Keys to Increasing Collaboration in Your Organisation

Silos: the dreaded word that can be the biggest threat to your organisation’s success. Silos often form naturally, but it’s up to leaders in the organisation to break down barriers when needed and open pathways to collaboration, increased productivity, and ultimately, better organizational outcomes. Join fellow social impact leaders to hear about how to eliminate silos and increase cooperation between departments and across organisations.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand how silos develop within an organisation and the warning signs that you might have a silo problem
  • Learn strategies for breaking down existing silos
  • Learn how to foster a culture that avoids silos being created


  • James Johnston, Head of Development & Alumni Relations, Sheffield Hallam University
  • Marcella Jewell, Director, Development Operations, The University of Kansas Health System
  • Emily Scott, Director of Operations and Finance, Headwaters Foundation for Justice
  • Dan Keyworth, VP Customer Success Modernization and Managing Director, International Market Groups, Customer Success, Blackbaud