Achieve unparalleled insight into the impact of all your CSR activities as you work to align your positive impact on people, planet, and profit.

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The Cloud Solution for Corporates

Purpose-built to drive digital transformation, so you can lead where purpose meets profit. Flexible and scalable to work the way you want.

Drive social impact. Increase customer and employee engagement.

The most successful companies today have exponential growth when they align purpose and profit. Your demonstrated commitment to social good is playing a growing role in increasing employee engagement, strengthening community relationships, as well as boosting customer and investor confidence.

Blackbaud’s purpose-built employee engagement solutions enable companies to:

  • Accomplish your social good goals and measure your impact

  • Differentiate and strengthen your brand

  • Build trust and loyalty with your most important stakeholders

  • Be responsive to your customers’ values

  • Deepen your employee engagement

  • Connect with the right partners to amplify your impact

You need more than a technology provider – you need a partner with social responsibility in its DNA. Blackbaud understands high-impact social good spans the public, private, and social sectors. We’re passionate about building the tools businesses need to drive impact where purpose meets profit. With Blackbaud, you’ll get an unmatched partnership from a purpose-driven peer.

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