CRM Requirements Checklist for Nonprofits

Get a head start in identifying your technology needs

Use our Invitation to Tender template to get a helping hand in evaluating your nonprofit's CRM needs.

So, you know that your nonprofit needs a fundraising CRM so that you can build stronger relationships, raise more money and reach out to new supporters.

Evaluating a vendor is the second key step in choosing a fundraising CRM solution.

But notifying vendors' of your interest is a rigorous process. Plus, it's not something you do everyday, so it can be difficult to know where to should start! But starting to evaluate your nonprofit's specific needs with a completely blank page is hard.

That's why we created our Invitation to Tender template using our years' of experience in the sector. From our experience, we know what makes a good (and bad!) tender document. Save time preparing for your demo's with our template.

We've listed out over 120 functionality considerations across 15 areas to give you a head start, so you can start by ticking off the stuff you need.

Functional Requirements

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