Encouragement on Autopilot: JustGiving’s Fundraiser Email Journeys

8 September 2021

by Brian Isaac

Creating awesome online fundraising experiences for your supporters is something we’re really passionate about, and we’re as enthusiastic about it now as we were 20 years ago when JustGiving® was launched!

And today, we’re super excited to share that we’ve put everything we’ve learned over the last two decades and used it to create an awesome new email experience, which is tailored to each individual fundraiser supporting any organisation using JustGiving® from Blackbaud®.

So, whether your supporter is fundraising for a week or a year, running a virtual marathon or shaving their head, our brand new emails will adapt to support them through their whole journey. Plus, they get to keep all the same benefits of fundraising on JustGiving® – simple set-up, expert advice and top-tier fundraising resources included!

Here’s an example:

Tested and proven: our latest findings

Here are the latest stats from our testing program in the UK:

  • 8% higher activation rate for fundraisers who receive the email program (76% vs 68%)
  • 14.5 % more raised on average by Fundraisers who receive the email lifecycle ($833 vs $726)
  • Fundraisers who get our emails are more likely to take an action

What’s new?

Using our expertise, data and experience, we’ve created brand new personalised and segmented email variants to help your supporters make the most of each step of their fundraising journey.

But don’t worry, we won’t be sending emails every 10 minutes. Instead, we’ll be using a combination of the new variations at exactly the time they need them, to provide specific, data-driven recommendations to boost confidence and raise more money.

Some of the insights and recommendations include:

  • You could raise 36% more if you add a story to your page
  • You could raise 45% more if you set a fundraising target
  • You could raise 23% more if you add a profile picture to your page
  • People can raise up to 5x more when they share their Fundraising Pages on social media


We’ve also created fresh and fully optimised designs for the new emails, so they look great on all devices!

What are the key benefits?

One size doesn’t fit all

Each of your supporters is different, so the emails they get should be too. By using smart and tailored recommendations for each fundraiser, we can help them to take the next best step in their fundraising journey.

Trusted expertise

This new email journey takes everything we’ve learned over the last 20 years and puts it in the hands of your supporters to help them raise more online.

Reach more together

Working with JustGiving® means you get an additional boost to your supporter experience without having to lift a finger. We’ve designed our email journey to complement your own, and we’ll simply focus on what we do best – inspiring people to raise more online.

Gives your supporters the confidence to raise more

So far, we’ve found that on average the number of pages receiving their first donation is 7% higher and over half of the fundraisers with donations have received at least one extra donation.

Learn more about our new fundraising emails

JustGiving® Head of CRM Amy Leighton shares why the team designed this new journey and how it benefits your supporters. Click Watch Now to find out more about the data used to create the email journey, plus see a sneak peek at the emails your supporters will be receiving.

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