Fundraising Strategy Webinar Series

After decades of working with nonprofits across Australia and New Zealand, we’re constantly using what we learn to develop free peer-to-peer fundraising webinars proven to help you raise more money, reach more people, and change more lives.

Learn how to get even more out of JustGiving® from Blackbaud®, the world’s most trusted online giving platform.

How to Make Your Fundraising Campaigns More Engaging

Learn how to build your own fundraising campaign, plus the best practices for promoting and engaging supporters. Join us on a deep dive into the tools that will help your campaign stand out from the crowd.

Here’s what to expect…

  • Campaign page overview

  • How to create your first campaign

  • What makes a successful online fundraising campaign

  • Leveraging consumer engagement tools to motivate your audience

Create More Supporter Delight with These Top Strategies

Fundraising is more than just creating a page and asking people to donate.

Learn the top innovative tactics successful nonprofits are using to create true delight for their supporters! Walk away with the knowledge on how to create a bigger impact in 2021, plus a special Q&A with our fundraising expert Celeste following the presentation.

Level Up Your Fundraising Campaigns: How to Optimise Your JustGiving® Account

Get your fundraising campaign performing at its max with these tried and true campaign optimisations.

Here’s what to expect…

  • Updating your organisation details and branding

  • Campaign types, reporting, and donation deep links

  • Remittance processes and resources

Innovative Fundraising Trends: Live Streaming, Gaming, and Fitness Tracking

Keep your organisation ahead of the curve: learn how to attract new supporters through innovative fundraising campaigns, such as virtual fitness events, live streaming, and gamification.

Here’s what to expect…

  • How to leverage fitness app integration for more engaging campaigns

  • How live-stream fundraising and gamification works

  • An overview on using virtual fundraising events and market trends to build a successful campaign

Low Budget, Big Impact Fundraising for Small and Medium Nonprofits

Though there are over 27,000 charities in New Zealand, many fundraising resources and case studies focus on large-scale, big-budget fundraising campaigns. But not all organisations have or need big teams and significant budgets to find fundraising success.

In this webinar, Celeste Harrison from Blackbaud is going to show you the step-by-step guide to starting from scratch with fundraising online, with a shoestring budget and a small team.

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