Getting Ready for the Future: Going Digital with Grantmaking

The global pandemic has challenged grants managers in ways that no one could have anticipated. Your work environment is no longer purely office-based, and the needs of the communities you are serving have shifted. Getting new granting guidelines, assessment frameworks and workflows up and running quickly has been key to funding success in this environment.

One thing that seems imperative for future success is digitising your grantmaking so you can streamline your processes, move away from spreadsheets, centralise your data, and be able to access it from anywhere. But where do you even start on digitising your grantmaking? Adopting a new system can be a daunting project that often gets pushed to the back burner.

Join seasoned grantmaking expert Justin Finighan from Finrea, and find out:

  • Important lessons grantmakers can learn from the pandemic so far
  • The benefits of moving from manual processes to a grants management system and what implementation looks like
  • Examples of digital processes that improve business workflows for enhanced productivity, efficiency and accuracy
  • How to build a business case for going digital with grantmaking