How Grantmakers Can Improve Data Health and Maximise Impact

A guide to getting the most out of your grantmaking organisation’s data 

While you likely have mountains of data from years of applications and reports, much of that information probably isn’t being used, or worse, is skewing your results. When was the last time your grantmaking organisation assessed how well your data is helping you make informed decisions? 

Having good data health can help you drive greater impact and make better data-driven decisions. In this white paper, you’ll learn: 

  • The four dimensions of data health 

  • The common symptoms of poor data health 

  • How good data health can help you maximise your impact 

  • Steps you can take to achieve good data health 

  • Why you need a grant management system 

Download the white paper to understand the importance of good data health for your grantmaking organisation. You’ll also read about how one foundation used Blackbaud Grantmaking to evaluate its efforts and quantify its results in a way that was not possible before.