Gain More Online Donations by Tracking These 3 Proven Metrics

30 September 2021

by Brian Isaac

Peer-to-peer fundraising has remained one of the most popular strategies for nonprofits and organisations to build their donor base and raise vital funds. It’s a trend that will continue to grow.

Fundraisers are familiar with the pattern: sign up for an event that looks fun or relates to a cause close to you, then raise money online while doing the event activity offline.

This is why online fundraising success always starts with measuring online metrics.

But there’s more to fundraising success than tracking the overall amount raised. While each organisation (and individual campaign) will have its own objectives, we’re going to talk about three metrics you can track to put your organisation and event in good stead for five years or more.

The three metrics you need to track for EVERY online fundraising campaign:

1. Percentage of $0 participants

Your $0 participants are not hopeless. They’re potential.

One of the best things you can do with your sign-ups is to encourage them that everyone is welcome, part of the team, and an important part of your community! Communicate your collective fundraising goal, share stories about your active fundraisers, and re-state your cause to better turn your signups into fundraisers.

Create a customised JustGiving® fundraising report for free. Create a free account or log in, select Reports at the top, then choose the data you want to see. In this case, use:

  • Appeal Name
  • Donor Name
  • Donation Amount
  • Donation Date

2. Average raised per active fundraiser

Go deeper than tracking the average amount raised per fundraiser: find out the average amount raised per active fundraiser.

Tracking average raised can be helpful to the campaign overall, but getting more strategic can help your marketing efforts mid-campaign. Consider two campaigns:

One has a large number of fundraisers raising an average of $25. Another has a small number of active, high-value fundraisers. While these are both valuable to your cause, encouraging those who have already raised money to raise more money is much easier!

3: Fundraising activity spikes

It’s critical to monitor your fundraising activity because then you can identify which of your actions potentially inspired those extra donations or fundraising efforts.

For example, if you see an increase in donations after each email you send or Instagram post you make, you can use that to strategically boost your donation revenue and inform your marketing strategy for future campaigns.

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