Nonprofit Insights: Culture of Innovation

How are nonprofits faring in the culture of innovation? 

In this eBook, 11 wonderful industry experts explore ‘culture of innovation’ across the global nonprofit space.  

From their success stories and industry insights to tips for empowering innovation with data, creating a failure-friendly culture, adopting startup-like lean strategies and more, these essays will help you to identify how nonprofits can embrace a culture of innovation at any scale. 

Download your copy to learn from the following experts: 

  • Dr Adrian Sargeant, Co-Director, Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy 

  • Charlotte Sherman, Growing Giving Policy and Partnership Manager, Chartered Institute of Fundraising 

  • Adrian Sellaro, Director, Visualise Fundraising 

  • Julia Villiotis, Director, Visualise Fundraising 

  • Dan Keyworth, Vice President, Customer Success Modernisation & Managing Director, International Markets Group, Customer Success, Blackbaud 

  • Chris Paver, Co-Founder, Dataro 

  • Rebecca Williams, Senior Customer Success Manager, Blackbaud Europe & Pacific 

  • Stephen O’Reilly, Development Manager, Regular Giving, Queen’s University Belfast 

  • Raquel Dillon, Head of Development, Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation 

  • Sharn Elder, Community Education and Training Manager, Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation 

  • Alex Campomanes, Executive Director, Advancement Services, Donor Relations, University of Manitoba