Retention Toolkit from the Blackbaud Institute

With a significant philanthropic uptick in response to the pandemic, there is a unique opportunity in 2022 to drive fundraising with a robust retention program. Committing to building relationships with newly acquired donors to nurture ongoing support represents an area of potential that is rarely seen.

Why is 2022 the year of retention?

For many nonprofits, the unique conditions of COVID-19 generated a bumper fundraising year. Supporters were moved to ease the suffering of their neighbors and expressed their desire to help social causes.

Consider what this new pool of donors represents: an opportunity to establish relationships, build more engagement, show impact, and retain donors over time. However, these episodic donors require intentional and focused stewardship if they are to continue supporting your cause once the immediacy of the disaster has passed.

This toolkit examines why retention matters and explores best practices for building relationships that keep donors giving and delight them into increasing their support. Improving retention rates has never been so urgent.