What is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising?

8 September 2021

by Brian Isaac

Alongside the advancement and growth of technology, fundraising has grown enormously.

Now more than ever, it is easier for your supporters to raise funds for your cause, using their own network of friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances.

What exactly is peer-to-peer fundraising?

Online community fundraising (also known as peer-to-peer fundraising) is when an individual or team raises money on a charity’s behalf.

It’s a flexible method of raising money and is simple for charity, supporters, and donors alike. And it isn’t reliant on the need for a big annual event like a marathon or triathlon.

Any type of event, such as a birthday celebration, fun run, or even baking a cake are all ways in which supporters can ask for donations from their peers on their behalf!

Why should my organisation be involved?

With JustGiving® from Blackbaud®, supporters of your cause are afforded the creativity of creating and customising their own fundraising pages!

Empowering your supporters like this strengthens the bond between them and their chosen organisation, as they’re able to share a personal story about why they’re so passionate about the cause.

Not only are they proud to share their own story, but it’s proven that they’re also likely to raise more money in the process. Supporters can easily ask for donations or share their fundraising progress via social media which increases engagement.

The versatility peer-to-peer fundraising offers your organisation cannot be understated.

Limitless fundraising for your cause

The events of this year have taught us how important it is to remain flexible when the unexpected or unavoidable happens. Not limited to a single event, supporters can raise funds on your behalf by doing virtually anything.

Because we’re all pressed for time, fundraisers are getting creative in the ways they raise funds for their favourite cause. It’s imperative to be equipped and available on a platform that can support a do-it-yourself (DIY)-style fundraising initiative.

DIY fundraising can come in all different shapes and sizes: after all, it’s up to the supporter to raise money for you in their own way!

You can even prompt them yourself with virtual fundraising events, like a push-up challenge, running laps around their neighbourhood, or even setting up an online gaming session.

This fundraising model is growing quickly. Here are some more ways your organisation can utilise peer-to-peer fundraising:

  • General community fundraising
  • Host a specific fundraising event
  • Empower supporters to raise money for their birthday
  • Let supporters start In Memorial campaigns to memorialise loved ones
  • Start a virtual fundraising challenge with your supporters
  • Launch an ongoing awareness fundraising campaign for your cause

We look forward to helping you achieve your fundraising goals!

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