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Product Update Briefings Registration is now live!

As our products and our company evolve, so does our approach to communicating about innovation to our customers. The Blackbaud Product Update Briefings is a semi-annual celebration of technology innovation designed to:

  • Share recent product updates: Discover ways our technology is evolving to help you work more efficiently and empower your team to do more.
  • Highlight our 6-month plans: Our product engineering team will give a preview of updates we’re working on now and future “themes” for longer-term development.
  • Kick-start utilization of new features: For many Blackbaud solutions, you can also sign up for customer success adoption sessions to learn how to get started using the new features we’ll talk about during the product updates.
  • Demonstrate the way Blackbaud’s cloud solutions are evolving to meet the needs of your organization today: Our product update sessions are open to all and we encourage you to sign up for one or for all events to learn more about Blackbaud’s cloud solution portfolio.

Join us for the Blackbaud Product Update Briefings, October 26-28, to learn more about the innovative cloud solutions that impact your work and support your mission.

Helpful links: Product Update Briefings Overview | Register for a session