BrightVine Solutions

BrightVine is a full-service consulting firm providing consulting and advisory services to the nonprofit industry.  We offer a broad range of services including Blackbaud CRM™ and Blackbaud Internet Solutions (BBIS™) implementation support, staff augmentation, program/project management, customization and integration services and managed services.

In addition, BrightVine builds tools that compliment Blackbaud CRM™ including a Microsoft Outlook Integration, a data import tool and a variety of global changes.

We have extensive hands-on experience with many technologies and are fully committed to providing a dedicated team of professionals to support your mission. 

Partner Type:
  • Channel
  • Canada,
  • Europe,
  • Global,
  • North America,
  • Pacific
  • Blackbaud Analytics,
  • Blackbaud CRM,
  • Blackbaud Direct Marketing,
  • Blackbaud Internet Solutions
Partner Solutions:
  • API Integrations|CRM|Data Import/Export|Product Implementation

Contact Information

Stacey Segal, Vice President, 843-900-4287,