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PEX, a New York fintech company founded in 2006, is a platform provider of next generation corporate card and expense management solutions for nonprofits. The PEX service enables organizations to empower their staff with flexible options for authorized spending, as an alternative to credit cards or cash expenditures while maintaining complete oversight.

PEX combines an innovative expense management platform with a convenient alternative to using traditional and corporate credit cards or cash for purchases. The PEX Platform gives nonprofits 100% control over the who, what, where and how much of spending, and eliminates the need for expense reimbursements. 

PEX is an innovative expense management platform that gives nonprofits control over what is being spent, where, and how much, while also making it easy for staff to have the funds they need, when they need it.

Using the PEX Platform via the desktop admin tools or mobile app, nonprofits can quickly and easily get money to their staff and volunteers as needed, eliminating their need to carry cash, get blank checks, or use personal credit cards and wait for reimbursements. Designated administrators have the ability to set controls on where and when company funds can be spent, and get real-time visibility over all spending. PEX also empowers staff by giving them a way to pay for what’s needed without using personal funds and submitting expense reports.

This time savings, combined with the spend controls made possible by the PEX Platform, make PEX the smart and efficient solution nonprofits have been raving about. And PEX integrates with Blackbaud and leading accounting software to easily import and export transaction data. 

PEX knows that financial support from donors is hard earned, which makes managing expenses and streamlining operations all the more important. That’s why PEX has been a leader in bringing technology innovations to nonprofits to help streamline processes and improve expense management. Current PEX customers report a 26% reduction in expenses due to improved spend control and time savings.

Enable spend and maintain control with PEX.

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