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Collaborative Case Management

Collaborative case management software is the glue that ties together daily efforts, program outcomes, and the effectiveness of service delivery. Whether your organisation is looking for a standalone case management solution or an integrated solution for fundraising and case management, Blackbaud has you covered.

Boost Effectiveness

Improve service delivery by better understanding the effectiveness of your efforts.

Relate your efforts directly to the intended outcomes, make informed decisions to invest and reallocate resources to maximise the impact of your programs.

Increase operational efficiency by streamlining case management procedures and reducing the burden of data entry for frontline staff, enabling them to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time serving participants.

Manage program performance, monitor participant progress towards outcomes and continuously improve service delivery, while also meeting all underlying case management needs.

Demonstrate Results

Dynamic, flexible dashboards slash reporting time. Observe trends & fine tune results.

Reports to funders often fail to tell the whole story of your hard work and accomplishments.

Using outcome-based reporting to measure the progression of participants, as well as the impact of each program overall, you will have a clear and accurate measure of your impact.

With outcomes-based reporting you can ensure that funds are spent wisely, and provide an accurate assessment of funded programs through targeted reporting data.

Program leaders and stakeholders can immediately see who’s being served, quickly determine the impact those services are having and make data-informed decision to adjust programming for maximum impact.

Secure & Attract Funding

Connect effective performance management and fundraising success.

Can case management software actually help not for profit organisations connect efforts to outcomes, demonstrate progress, and acquire more funding?

The answer: YES!

Addressing social issues requires that you use available resources more effectively. As a result, donors & funders are seeking to fund the organisations most likely to generate social value.

Those most likely to succeed are organisations with a clear understanding of the effectiveness of their efforts and the willingness to use this information to make program adjustments to continuously improve through performance management.

Implement Collaborative Efforts

Coordinate your efforts, share data, cut costs and release collective impact by increasing collaboration.

Collaboratives endeavor to achieve dramatic improvements in the quality and outcomes of service by pooling the resources of various unique service providers who share a common goal.

For a collaborative to realise its collective capacity for service, there must be a strategic system for communication and coordination of efforts. Administrative burdens divert funds and efforts away from where they’re needed most.

Measure and coordinate efforts across an effected community so that community benchmarks can be obtained, met, and surpassed in order to provide the best care to your entire community.

Collaborative case management software is the glue that ties together daily efforts, program outcomes, and the effectiveness of service delivery.

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