Understanding Your Implementation Package

So you’re working through the online Statement of Work and want more detail?
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Find out more information below about your personalised Implementation Package. Whether you’re looking to understand more about the Data Migration options on offer, or whether you’re keen to get the detail around our training package, this is the place for you.

Facilitating the role out of a new software system requires time, energy and commitment from your team as well as ours. Blackbaud provide a Project Manager to help schedule sessions, facilitate communications and keep your project running on schedule, however we require your commitment and time to make it work.

In addition to you everyday users and project team, many organisations find it helpful to assign the following roles to members of their team for the duration of the project. Several roles can be assigned to a single team member if appropriate:

Your Project Sponsor

This is a high-level executive who has overall responsibility for the project, tasked with endorsing the project’s success, clearing organisational hurdles, and arbitrating escalated issues. During the implementation, this resource will provide primary project sponsorship and ultimately responsible for the satisfactory acceptance of deliverables.

Your Project Team

Your project team will include subject matter experts who will bring their knowledge and insight of business processes, policies, operations of specific functional areas and data. They will support goals and objectives of your organisation and encourage positive, productive environment for the entire implementation team.

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We know how important it is to equip your team with the skills and understanding they need to succeed in their role.  With that in mind, we have crafted various training packages to meet your requirements. Click here to find out more.

  • Constituent

    A person, organisation, group, Trust, Foundation, Supplier, etc. who will have a record on your system

  • Gift

    A donation record. This can be One-Time, Recurring/Regular Gift, Pledge, Gift in King, etc.


    Secure File Transfer Protocol/File Transfer Protocol: A secure method of transferring data over the internet.