Understanding Your Implementation Package

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Find out more information below about your personalised Implementation Package. Whether you’re looking to understand more about the Data Migration options on offer, or whether you’re keen to get the detail around our training package, this is the place for you.

Facilitating the role out of a new software system requires time, energy and commitment from your team as well as ours. Blackbaud provide a Project Manager to help schedule sessions, facilitate communications and keep your project running on schedule, however we require your commitment and time to make it work.

In addition to you everyday users and project team, many organisations find it helpful to assign the following roles to members of their team for the duration of the project. Several roles can be assigned to a single team member if appropriate:

Your Project Sponsor

This is a high-level executive who has overall responsibility for the project, tasked with endorsing the project’s success, clearing organisational hurdles, and arbitrating escalated issues. During the implementation, this resource will provide primary project sponsorship and ultimately responsible for the satisfactory acceptance of deliverables.

Your Project Team

Your project team will include subject matter experts who will bring their knowledge and insight of business processes, policies, operations of specific functional areas and data. They will support goals and objectives of your organisation and encourage positive, productive environment for the entire implementation team.

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Services Included

The Media Attachment Files service includes the one-time migration of the attachments and documents from your previous system within the confines of the functionality as outlined below.

Services to be added-on to your main implementation project


An extra 16 hours of Data Migration services

Additional data programming to perform one data conversion of Media Attachment Files into Raiser’s Edge NXT Web View Interface following the final data migration run.

An extra 2 hours of Project Management activities

To coordinate the additional Blackbaud project team activities listed above.

Media Attachment Specification

The data migration will be carried out by Blackbaud using data submitted by the customer per the data specification below.

Record Counts and File Format

Record Type


Number of records

Up to 10,000 records

Data Elements to be Converted

Data Elements


Media Attachment Files

Basic Media Attachment Files (E.g. PDF, MS Word, JPG)

Media Links

URL links

Conversion of Attachments Files

Important: Attachment files are included in the Data Conversion on a best-effort basis. Blackbaud Pacific cannot guarantee the successful conversion of all attachment files and file types.

  • The customer must provide a copy of the folders that contain the documents for conversion.

  • All folders containing the media files must be securely uploaded using the instructions provided by the Blackbaud Project Manager.

  • The folder and file path must match the links stored within the customer’s source database exactly. Broken links will result in attachment files not being converted.

  • All files must be screened for malware prior by the customer submission to Blackbaud. Files or folders containing malware will be deleted automatically by Blackbaud’s security system.

  • Files containing macros will not be converted.

  • Documents which require ‘mail merge’ upon launch in the source system will not be converted.

  • The file size must be less than 1GB.

  • Once provided, the Blackbaud data specialist will evaluate the folders, and the attachment files, and provide any feedback to the customer where necessary.

  • Converted files will be attached to the constituent’s record within the Web View Interface of the system only.

  • Where possible, notes will be added to the media record.

  • Any files recorded in the source system as a hyperlink to a file stored on a network folder will be recorded as a hyperlink record in Raisers Edge NXT as an ‘action notepad’.


  • The Media Attachment Files package includes only those activities listed above.

  • If further assistance is required, then please speak to your Project Manager who will be happy to discuss options for purchasing additional services.

Exclusions from this Scope of Work

For a Media Attachment Files implementation, the following areas are out of scope. Note: This list is not exhaustive.

  • Renaming files and naming conventions

  • A trial conversion of your data

  • Business process analysis, design and documentation

  • Task automation and integration with other systems

  • Data validation, data cleaning, and preparation of the source data file

  • Front-end data entry (manual typing or importing)

Please note: If [Company] requires assistance for these tasks, then a Change Order for additional time will be necessary. Please discuss with your Project Manager or Account Manager

We know how important it is to equip your team with the skills and understanding they need to succeed in their role.  With that in mind, we have crafted various training packages to meet your requirements. Click here to find out more.


Actions are used to track various communications or interactions made between an organisation and its constituents. An action can be past, current, or future.  Users can use this to establish a history of communications between their organisation and the constituent.


Appeals are the solicitations used to bring in gifts, such as through direct mailings, online donation pages, phonathons, auctions, or events.

Attachments or Media

Correspondence, artifacts from prospect research, pictures from fundraising events, or presentation files — you can upload images, videos, PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or other file.  Blackbaud doesn’t recommend that you save general acknowledgement or receipts for donors as these can easily be regenerated.

Attribute or custom fields

Attributes is used to store specialised information about various record types like constituent or gift or event etc. when no field exists for that information. Eg. you may use attributes on actions to record where the constituent prefers to meet for meetings or their interests.  These are called custom fields in Raiser’s Edge NXT.

Change order

In situations where there are out of scope items/work that cannot be addressed within current project scope, a change order for additional billable hours will be required.  This change order will require sign off from your organisation or project sponsor.


Campaigns are the overall fundraising efforts (or initiatives), such as operating expenses, a new building, or an endowment. May be for a specific period of time, such as a capital campaign for a new building, or an indeterminate amount of time, such as for ongoing operating expenses.


Process where your data from your legacy system is migrated to Raiser’s Edge NXT leveraging on Blackbaud proprietary tools and proven methods.  Great for large datasets and offers greater flexibility and options for data migration.


Constituents are individuals and businesses who support your organisation by contributing time, money and resources.  These could be your donors, supporters, volunteers, sponsors etc.  This is main record that various data is linked to.

Constituent Codes

Constituent codes define the high-level affiliations constituents have with your organisation— such as Board member, Vendor, or Volunteer — and help you to understand why they’re in your database. A constituent may have multiple constituent codes, such as someone who both volunteers and serves on your Board of Directors. We recommend you track constituent codes for all constituents.


Funds represent the donor’s intent for how you should use or earmark a gift, such as toward a specific cause or financial purpose. You can use multiple funds to direct gifts toward a specific campaign.


Gifts are monetary or in-kind donations to your organisation.  They can be one off gifts or regular gifts.  These are financial transactions or schedules of pledges and recurring gifts.  One time gifts in NXT is equivalent to cash gifts in Raiser’s Edge database view.

Gift in kind

These are in kind donations to your organisation such as services and goods.


Process where your data from your legacy system or source is imported into Raiser’s Edge NXT.  Great for small datasets.


Different mediums of solicitation within a single appeal.  For example, mailing or phone.


Pledges are commitments to donate in the future with a single gift or through multiple installments, such as a gift of $1200 as 12 monthly payments of $100.

Pledge payments or pay gifts

When a donor pays toward the pledge commitment, you can track the gift as a pledge payment.

Recurring gifts

Recurring gifts are gifts given at regular intervals, such as an automatic monthly gift of $50.

Recurring gift payments

When a donor fulfills their scheduled payments, you can track the gift as a recurring gift payment.


Secure File Transfer Protocol/File Transfer Protocol: A secure method of transferring data over the internet.

Soft Credit

With soft credits, you can recognise multiple constituents for a gift, such as to credit someone for the giving of their spouse or foundation.  Hard credits on the other hand refers to the

Solicit Codes

Solicit codes are a constituent’s specific rules of contact, such as to not call after 8:00 p.m. or on weekends. To help maintain positive relationships with constituents, use these rules to make informed decisions about when to reach out and to tailor communications to honor their requests.


Track details about gifts given in honor, memory, or celebration of a person or cause. For example, donations to memorialise a recently departed friend, or a married couple may request friends to give to your mission to celebrate their anniversary.