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CBM Australia

Since establishing a presence in Australia, CBM Australia (CBMA) has grown and nurtured a large donor base of generous supporters, and about four years ago the organisation acknowledged their system for managing fundraising programs had finally outlived its useful life.

And that meant the painstaking search for a new solution began in earnest.

In the words of Chief Operating Officer Dave Jones, “We needed to invest in a solution that would enable us to build upon the fundraising we already fundraising programs, and future-proof us.”

Of course, choosing and implementing a CRM is a major undertaking
for any nonprofit. As Dave explains, “This is a huge investment for our organisation – it’s the single biggest investment, apart from the building, the organisation has ever made. It was really a big decision and whatever we chose had to underpin the organisation’s success for a decade.”

The organisation recognised their incumbent system had gone beyond its useful life and that CBMA needed to invest in a solution that would enable their fundraising, manage their programs and take them into the 21st century.


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