3 Benefits of JustGiving Reports You Might Not Know

8 September 2021

by Brian Isaac

It’s an undeniable fact that data can provide valuable information and help build a bigger picture of how your fundraising and fundraisers are performing.

That said, there are two types of people in the world:

  • Those who love data
  • Those who would rather throw their computer out the window than look at an Excel spreadsheet

If you are the latter, this post is for you!

We completely understand that reporting can come with pain points, which is why we created charity reporting tools that are designed to show you just the data you need minus the clutter and confusing formulas.

What are the reporting tools and where can I find them?

Our reporting tools are available to all charities in Australia and New Zealand and can be found by logging into your charity account and then clicking the ‘Reports’ tab at the top of the page.

There are three types of fundraising reports:

Payment reports

Your Payments report shows details of all the funds generated through your JustGiving® from Blackbaud® account. Payment reports are available fortnightly for Australian and New Zealand customers.

Fundraising Page reports

Fundraising Page reports are divided into pages created, pages expiring, and pages created for specific Events. This means that you know which of your fundraisers to welcome, which to thank, and which events are brimming with sign-ups!

Donation reports

Your Donation report shows you everything that you need to know on both direct donations and donations given through Fundraising Pages. You can see all of your donor info and even customise the data time frame.

Who can access the reports?

There’s no limit on the number of individual user logins that you can have for your JustGiving® charity account, and each user can easily access the reporting tools.

Your account admin has the power to set up new users. If you don’t know your admin, no worries! Simply contact us and we’ll help guide you in the right direction.

Each user can set up and save their own preferences, from email communications to reports.

This means that whether you work in Accounts or as a Fundraising Manager, you can access the information you need from your JustGiving® account quickly and easily. Plus, this is better for security, everyone on your team will have their own password.

Three simple yet effective ways to gain better insights from your data

1. Create customised reporting templates

If you want to know every little detail of what’s happening in your JustGiving® account, you can download a full report with everything you’d ever need!

Alternatively, if you have a few key areas that are the most useful or that you regularly use in team meetings, you have the option to add or remove report columns using our simple tick boxes.

You can then save your chosen columns as a custom reporting template. Each user can create up to eight custom reports, so each member at your organisation can create the reports that are most relevant to them: no more needing to download reports, edit Excel sheets, then forward to Accounting!


2. Keep in touch with your fundraisers

Your Fundraising Page report shows you all of the pages that have been created by people wanting to raise money for your charity.

Whilst a page is active, you can contact the page owner at any time, whether it’s to provide an update on an appeal they’re fundraising for or just to send a big ol’ thank you!

However, if you want to keep in touch with someone after they’ve stopped actively fundraising, you’ll need to have their permission. We want to help your charity connect with potential repeat fundraisers, so we ask people on your behalf if they’d like to opt-in for future charity communications.

We include their response, alongside the date they opted in, in the Fundraiser Further Contact column of a Fundraising Page report. If they say yes, you’re free to add their contact details into your charity’s database or CRM system.


3. Track the impact of your marketing

Any time you decide to do some new nonprofit marketing activity – whether it’s advertising, email updates or social media posts – it’s really useful to track how well it performed and if your audience responded to it.

If you’re sending out specific messages that encourage people to fundraise/take part in a campaign, then you can monitor engagement by using the date filters in our reports to spot any activity spikes.

Why is it useful to look at this?

Well, think about it like this – you might spend a few hours writing and creating an email to all of your supporters, asking them to fundraise for a new campaign that your charity has organised. If two weeks later you download a Fundraising Page report and notice that there has been no new activity, it could indicate that:

  • Your messaging isn’t resonating with supporters
  • Your database details are out of date

You don’t want to spend your limited time on marketing that doesn’t actually appeal to your audience, so use reporting to keep track of what inspires extra donations or fundraising efforts!

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