Fireside Chat with WWF-Australia

In this wide-ranging and deeply thought-provoking session, you’ll hear about Alex Struthers’ recent promotion to “Chief Experience Officer” at WWF-Australia. This role brings together marketing, campaigning, fundraising, digital, and data into a cohesive team. The team has a clear vision to improve all stakeholder experiences at all touch points and drive WWF fundraising and brand engagement for years to come.

Using a Q&A format, Kevin Sher, president and GM at Blackbaud Pacific explore:

  • The process, approach and strategy leading WWF to create the chief experience officer role

  • How WWF are using multiple models such as deep listening, market drivers, innovation, lifecycle and driver tree models, to inform their org strategy and operational plan design

  • Key objectives and measurements of success, both short and long term

  • What down and upstream changes are needed to execute on the Experience vision

Recorded at bbcon Sydney 2023