Groundwork for Growth

How Breakthrough used a growth mindset and leadership to set the foundations for larger growth and scalable programs

Not only was Breakthrough a start-up organisation, with its genesis in the pandemic, the charitable landscape was and is also undergoing significant changes, so the team at Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation knew too well that they had to think differently in their strategic direction, their approach to leadership and the culture within the team.

This gave them the chance to establish an organisation and culture, that uses change to its advantage through leadership, calculated risk-taking and using a growth mindset, ensuring this is embedded in everything from decision-making to processes. Being a small team, they faced the challenge of finding solutions that empower growth, without extra resources, while achieving scalable results.

During this session, find out how Breakthrough imbed a culture of leadership that is not afraid to take calculated risks, is always forward-thinking, whilst being agile and nimble in every approach.

Exploring how modern leadership and strategy techniques can be adopted successfully within the social good sector, this session will provide significant value to any sized organisation from small to large.

Recorded for bbcon 2023