From Trend to Strategic Imperative: Why AI is Essential for Fundraising Success

As new AI technologies are becoming more and more pervasive in all aspects of society, Dave Lyndon, Dataro’s chief technology officer and co-founder, will bring you up to speed with general concepts of AI, and share mind-blowing examples of areas of impact and risk.

Dave will delve into the role of AI in fundraising innovation and how both predictive and generative AI technologies are helping nonprofits improve efficiency, drive impact and build better donor relationships. Find out what potential short- and longer-term opportunities and risks you need to be aware of as a social good leader, and what current AI solutions are available.

Case studies from early adopter organisations such as World Animal Protection will demonstrate how AI fits in their tech stack and fundraising strategy and the impact of adopting an AI-powered fundraising approach.

Watch this session to learn how to harness the power of AI, now and in the future, and unlock new levels of fundraising success and amplify your impact.

Recorded at bbcon Sydney 2023