What is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising for Schools?

8 September 2021

by Brian Isaac

Alongside the advancement and growth of technology, fundraising has grown enormously.

Now more than ever, it is easier for your students and supporters to raise funds for your school, using their own network of friends and family!

What is peer-to-peer fundraising for schools?

Online community fundraising (also known as peer-to-peer fundraising) is when an individual or team raises money on a school’s behalf.

Imagine teaching philanthropy while at the same time enabling students, parents, alumni, clubs, and teams to raise money to fund important projects at your school!

It’s a flexible method of raising money and is simple for the school, supporter, and donor alike.

Why should my organisation be involved?

Here’s why more than 25,000 organisations trust JustGivingĀ® from BlackbaudĀ® to grow their mission with online fundraising.

  • Fundraise free, with no subscription or upfront costs
  • Fundraising campaigns are fun, boost school spirit, and complement existing school initiatives
  • Students can get creative to customise their own unique fundraising pages
  • Fundraising teaches students about giving, connection, and citizenship
  • Proven built-in sharing tools enable supporters to ask for donations or share their progress


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