How do I prepare for an online training class?

Review the following to prepare for an online training session.

System Check: Ensure your windows account has local administrator rights, in order to download and run the WebEx application (or a temporary application).

Class Materials: Class materials are provided prior to class. Save the materials for future reference. You are also welcome to print them before class as a place to take notes.

Sample Data: We recommend you have access to the sample database so you can participate in practices during class time. You will need to have the Citrix Plug-in downloaded to access the database, which can be downloaded ahead of your first class if it’s not already on your computer. Your instructor will provide login credentials at the beginning of class.

Audio: Using audio with one of our online classes requires a headset/microphone or a separate microphone and speakers. To connect a headset:

  • Determine what type of headset/microphone/speaker set up you have (ie one plug, two plugs, USB, etc).
  • If two plugs, match the icons on the plugs to the jacks on your computer:
    • The microphone jack may have the word “mic,” or a picture of a microphone.
    • The speaker jack may have the word “out,” or a picture of a speaker.
  • Plug the headset/microphone or a separate microphone and speakers into the computer.
  • Make sure the volume control on your computer is turned up.
  • Run the Audio Wizard to test your audio.

How can I get the sample database for online training, and what login should I use?

You will need to have the Citrix Plug-in downloaded to access the sample database, which can be downloaded ahead of your first class if it’s not already on your computer. Your instructor will provide login credentials at the beginning of class.

How do I attend my online training class?

At least 10 minutes prior to the class start time, log into WebEx using the link from the invitation email.

You will be prompted to either download WebEx or run a temporary application. Download the option of your choice and run the file. It will begin to load the class.

When the class download completes, depending on your audio options – you will either be prompted to adjust your audio levels or to join a teleconference. You will now be ready to participate in your online class.

For further assistance, email

What should I do when I join my online class?

Your instructor will provide you with the information you need to interact and make the most of the class. We also recommend the following:

  • Be sure you can clearly hear the instructor at all times; if not, run the Audio Wizard (from the Tools menu).
  • If you have a headset, raise your hand to request a microphone or ask a question. If you experience a technical problem, close the session and then rejoin it.
  • Use Public or Private Text Chat to communicate with the instructor if you do not have a headset.
  • Use Private Text Chat to communicate with the instructor if you experience technical problems.
  • Click Step Out to step out of the virtual classroom at any time.

I’m trying to join an online class and am having problems. Help!

I don’t have my login information for online class.

Locate the WebEx invitation email, it will contain the classroom link, as well as the session number and session password. If you are unable to locate the invitation email, please reach out to your instructor to get the invitation resent.

I have a poor connection.

Usually, the cause of a poor VoIP connection is a lack of capacity, or “bandwidth,” available for sending voice information over your network or the Internet. To improve your VoIP connection, close any applications you don’t need during training, and avoid downloading files or browsing the web while in class. Download the Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide to help you troubleshoot any connection issues.

I am having audio problems, and:

I am using VOIP: Check your speakers/headset are connected properly to the computer. If your speakers/headset is battery powered, check that the batteries are not flat. Check that the volume on your computer is high enough. Check that the computer volume is not muted.

If you continue to experience problems, ask your instructor if it is possible to use a Teleconference line instead.

I am using a Teleconference: Ensure you have entered the right conference code. Check that your phone volume is sufficiently high.

I need additional technical help or have questions about registrations, cancellations, or billing.

What are the technical requirements and recommended browser settings for an online training class?

Verify the following technical and web browser requirements prior to attending instructor-led online events.

Notes: Javascript and cookies should be enabled.

Broadband internet access is recommended. The use of dial-up internet services may result in difficulty hearing classroom audio and/or seeing presentation materials.

Minimum system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP or 2003
  • Processor: Intel or AMD (400MHZ +) or compatible processor
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM
  • Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla 1.4 and above, Netscape 7.x or Firefox 1.0 and above
  • JavaScript and cookies enabled in the browser
  • Active X enabled/unblocked for IE is recommended
  • Network: 56 K or faster Internet connection
  • A localised version of Windows is required to host or attend fully interactive meetings on Asian versions of WebEx Training Centre (Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese).
  • Sound card, headset

To configure ActiveX Control settings:

  1. In Internet Explorer, select Tools, Internet Options.
  2. On the Security tab, click Custom Level.
  3. Mark the Enable checkbox under Automatic Prompting for ActiveX Controls.
  4. Optional for simplicity: Change Download Signed ActiveX Controls to Enable.
  5. Click OK, Yes, and OK.

How do I register for a class?

Either contact your account manager or register by paying via credit card on this website.

How can I cancel or reschedule a class?

Cancellations may be made with no penalty up to three business days prior to the start of the scheduled training. Cancellations of a scheduled online training made within three days prior to the first day of the session will be assessed 50% of the total cost of the scheduled training. Failure to cancel a scheduled training will incur the total amount of the training fee. For more information, review our cancellation policy.

If technical difficulties prohibit you from attending, you may reschedule for another class without penalty. Notify us by email at or call +61 2 8918 1200.

Training was great, but it’s a lot of information! Is there an ongoing resource for reminders?

Yes. Reinforce what you learned in instructor-led training at any time with the eLearning Library.

With each new release of the software, new features are added. How can I stay up to date?

Keep an eye out in the product for new feature release splash screens, which will link to help resources to learn more. The Blackbaud Community also always has helpful information about new releases.

We have volunteers and part-timers that help with data entry. Is there a way to teach them what they need to know?

The eLearning Library is designed to help users learn step-by-step processes in small, recorded lessons.