Raiser’s Edge NXT Training – Fundamentals – Advanced

Raiser’s Edge NXT Fundamentals – Advanced

Course Overview

Creating and maintaining constituent and gift records is vital to accurate database administration. Learn how you can maintain accurate records and use batch to add multiple records and manage recurring gifts. Then take your knowledge of the Raiser’s Edge output tools (Queries, Reports, Exports, Dashboards, and Pivot Reports) to the next level. Through instructor-led scenarios, course discussions, and practice in the sample database, you will learn:

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the best practices for updating constituent information

  • Create relationship records

  • Create a constituent batch

  • Create a gift batch

  • Identify how batching streamlines gift entry

  • Adjust a gift

  • Manage gift types (cash, stock/property, and pledges)

  • Summarise the benefits of a Recurring Giving Program

  • Define how to roll back and skip a transaction

  • Process direct debit and credit card transactions in batch/span>

  • Demonstrate how to amend a recurring gift

  • Use Recurring Gift Reports for analysis

  • Merge two queries to create a new query

  • Group records with no common characteristics

  • Review query options to customise a query

  • Compare the main characteristics of a query and a query list

  • Create a query list

  • Create Gift Detail and Summary reports

  • Create Constituent Profile reports

  • Create Statistical reports

  • Create and edit dashboards

  • Create an export with one-to-one and one-to-many fields

  • Create an export with summary fields

  • Create a Mail Merge using Export

  • Create a Pivot Report

Target Audience

This course is designed for those responsible for maintaining constituent records, creating queries, reports and exports. Users with a basic understanding of how to create constituent records and queries in Raiser’s Edge will benefit from this course. Please note that it is recommended attendees to this course should have completed the Raiser’s Edge Fundamentals Basic course or had some other introductory training.

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