Raiser’s Edge NXT Fundamentals – Basics

Raiser’s Edge NXT Fundamentals – Basic

Course Overview

Accomplish your mission and build relationships with your supporters using Raiser’s Edge. Learn about powerful tools and personalisation options that will save you time. Through instructor-led scenarios, class discussion, and practice in the sample database, you will learn:

Learning Objectives

  • Access and navigate within Raiser’s Edge

  • Identify where constituent data is stored in Raiser’s Edge

  • Demonstrate how to create a constituent record

  • Identify the differences between individual and organisation constituent records

  • Identify where relationship information is stored on constituent records

  • Create and use action records

  • Identify where gifts are stored

  • Describe gift fields including gift types

  • Create a gift record

  • Describe the role of Query in Raiser’s Edge

  • Create a standard query

  • Create a standard query using combining operators

  • Create a query using the “ask” operator

  • Build a query using summary criteria

  • Use parentheses to build complex query criteria

  • Define the tools used for data extraction and analysis

  • Identify the basic steps to create a report

  • Identify the basic steps to create a dashboard

  • Identify the basic steps to create an export

  • Discuss the role of Mail in Raiser’s Edge

  • Identify common Mail tasks

  • Create labels

  • Describe the difference between donor acknowledgement letters and receipts

  • Create a conditional donor acknowledgement letter mail merge

Target Audience

Since this course introduces foundational concepts in Raiser’s Edge, this course is designed for all users. Users with little to no experience will benefit from this course.

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