Raiser’s Edge NXT Training – Web View

Raiser’s Edge NXT Web View

Course Overview

This six-hour instructor-led classroom event covers Raiser’s Edge NXT web view functionality, broken into 2 sessions. The event will open with an Overview and follow up with Fundraising & Analytics, with time for all important questions. You’ll learn how to navigate the web view, invite new users, access the Control Panel and Work Centre to make data driven decisions and progress donors through moves management stages.

Learning Objectives

  • Efficiently navigate within Raiser’s Edge NXT

  • Maximise the use of the powerful Work Centre

  • Make the Control Panel your new best friend

  • Show how to add new users and get everyone in your team using NXT with our unlimited user approach

  • Identify and develop within NXT common fundraising workflow steps and best practice elements

  • Dive into the list builder and power of lists to drive actions

  • Analyse key organisation metrics using actionable intelligence

  • Understand how NXT delivers new features and where to find them

Target Audience

The course introduces the foundational concepts in Raiser’s Edge NXT. Users with little to no experience with Raiser’s Edge NXT will benefit from this course.

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